Samantha Bee Airs Her First Ever 'Trump-Positive' Piece

She can't believe it either.

“Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee is certainly not against calling out President Donald Trump.

So even she was surprised after a June trip to Iraqi Kurdistan resulted in her broadcasting what she’s described as her first ever “Trump-positive” piece on Wednesday’s show.

The Kurds Bee interviewed for her segment described Trump as a “competent leader,” “strong” and an “advanced man.”

One couple had even named their infant after the commander in chief ―prompting Bee to ruffle the baby’s hair, à la Jimmy Fallon.

It was not what Bee had expected.

But after pondering whether the Kurds she’d met really did prefer “President Muslim ban” over his predecessor Barack Obama, Bee concluded the commander in chief’s popularity was down to Trump arming their fighters in Syria and that they regard him as their best bet for becoming a permanent nation state.

Check out the full segment above.