Samantha Bee Calls Out Jeff Sessions' 'Folksy Bulls**t'

"Compared to Comey Day, Sessions-palooza was a Southern fried snoozefest."

Samantha Bee isn’t buying Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ “folksy bullshit.”

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “Full Frontal,” Bee broke down Sessions’ testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee over his alleged contact with Russian officials during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“Compared to Comey Day, Sessions-palooza was a Southern fried snoozefest,” said Bee.

She then accused the AG of suffering from “selective amnesia.”

“Aw, shucks, look at me, I’m too cute to be a dad-blamed perjurer,” she said, mimicking his voice.

Bee noted that Sessions even “got an assist” from Arkansas Republican Tom Cotton, who asked if he liked to watch spy movies.

“No wonder the collusion kids didn’t tell you they were dealing with Russia. You’re too slow to keep up,” Bee said. 

Check out the full segment above.