Samantha Bee Just Owned Dudes Who Say Hillary Clinton Should Smile

Spoiler: She is NOT smiling.
Samantha Bee wants you to #SmileForJoe.
Samantha Bee wants you to #SmileForJoe.

"Full Frontal" host Samantha Bee is not impressed with male pundits who think presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should smile more

After Clinton swept up in a handful of state primary elections earlier this week, many men were quick to make comments about her facial expressions and tone of voice.

"Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough struck a major nerve when he tweeted that Clinton should "smile" after such a "big night."   

Scarborough's tweet, which he has since attempted to defend, reminds us that even the most powerful women in the world are not immune to what is basically glorified street harassment disguised as political commentary. And Bee was having none of it.

On Wednesday morning, the comedian tweeted the following picture with the accompanying hashtag #SmileForJoe:

Bee's fans and followers were quick to join in with their own photos. 

Bee's response is a funny yet important reminder to men everywhere: Stop telling women what to do with their faces. 




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