Samantha Bee Schools Congress After They Let Kids Health Care Funding Lapse

Even Nixon was in favor of universal health care ... NIXON!

Once again, the lazy, do-nothing children of America refused to take personal responsibility for their futures, making zero generous campaign donations to members of Congress.

And now here we are.

Earlier this week, Congress allowed funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program to lapse, putting health coverage for 9 million children in jeopardy.

On “Full Frontal” Wednesday night, Samantha Bee gave the members of Congress ― currently holed up in their mountain lairs, angrily keeping a close watch on the Whos of Whoville ― a history lesson on the topic of universal health care.

As Bee and her staff explain, universal health care is not a recent political movement. Going back as far as FDR, the idea been proposed more often than Americans probably realize.