Samantha Bee Uses NRA's Own Scare Tactics Against It In Pitch-Perfect Parody

The "Full Frontal" host takes on the NRA's Dana Loesch.

Samantha Bee spent Wednesday night tearing into the NRA for remaining silent over its ties to accused Russian spy Maria Butina

The 29-year-old, who pleaded not guilty to charges she acted as an unregistered foreign agent of Russia, allegedly used the NRA to gain access to conservative groups, including Republican lawmakers.

“With her focus on guns, sex and big money, Maria Butina caused every Republican she met to grow that telltale wet spot on the front of their pants,” Bee cracked. “And if that sounds gross, it super was.”

The “Full Frontal” host closed her segment with a mock video done in the style of the clips posted online by the NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch. Bee mimicked Loesch’s speaking patterns, use of buzzwords and even her style of dress:

She also shared some outtakes from the segment: