Samantha Bee Reveals R-Rated Parenting Technique That Gets Her Kids In Line

"It's very thrilling for them."

“Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee is no stranger to using salty language — and apparently neither are her young children.

On Thursday’s broadcast of the “Late Show,” Bee shared with host Stephen Colbert the R-rated technique she uses to get her three kids to do what she wants.

And it involves a short, sharp burst of cursing.

I can get them to do anything just by letting them use one piece of salty language in a conversation,” she said. “That’s their treat. It’s the greatest parenting coup that I ever came up with. I’m such a smart parent.”

Bee revealed how her offspring, aged from 6 to 11, preferred being allowed to swear over more regular treats such as chocolate or cake. She then gave a hilarious example of what she lets them say:

“It’s very thrilling for them,” she added.

Bee, who has dual Canadian-American citizenship, also revealed why she is sticking around in President Donald Trump’s America instead of leaping “into the arms of [Canadian Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau.”

And she previewed some footage of her recent trip to Iraq, which she’ll broadcast in the coming weeks on “Full Frontal.” It includes her paying sartorial homage to White House adviser Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law: