Sam Bee Rips Paul Ryan For 'Jerking It To Thoughts Of Poor People Losing Health Care'

The "Full Frontal" host also pleaded with Republicans not to cut Medicaid.

Samantha Bee took aim at House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as she discussed the GOP’s health care plan on Wednesday.

The “Full Frontal” host began her show by shredding those Republicans who were trying to slash health care coverage for “poor, working and sick Americans.” She then pleaded with them not to scrap Medicaid.

“It’s only 52-years-old,” said Bee. “It just joined Curves and is learning to dance like nobody’s watching.”

After playing old footage of Ryan boasting about “dreaming” of sending Medicaid “back to the states and capping its growth rate” since he was “drinking at a keg,” she then delivered a great punchline.

“Yes, while most college guys in the ’90s were fantasizing about Pamela Anderson, Paul Ryan was jerking it to thoughts of poor people losing health care to pay for tax cuts,” she said.

Check out the full segment above.