Samantha Bee: 'Donald Trump Hates Black And Brown People'

"Exhibit A: Everything Trump has said since he took office."

Samantha Bee spent part of Wednesday night’s broadcast of “Full Frontal” trying to convince people, once and for all, that President Donald Trump is a racist. 

“Exhibit A. Everything Trump has said since he took office,” she said.

Bee lamented how some Americans were still asking whether Trump was racist, despite him doing “so many racist things, it’s impossible to remember them all.”

The debate over Trump’s racism appeared to be “the great mystery of our time,” Bee said. “It’s today’s Watergate ― if Nixon had repeatedly stuck his head out the window and screamed ’I did Watergate.’”

Bee also urged viewers to “stop acting shocked” by the president’s shocking comments — such as his reportedly calling Haiti and some African nations “shithole countries” — and to “start grappling with what it means.”

“Donald Trump hates black and brown people and he’s in charge of a lot of their lives,” said Bee. “Let’s try to hold it in our heads for good this time.”

Check out the full segment above.