Samantha Bee Goes Full 'Schoolhouse Rock' With Video About Rape Kit Bill

Bipartisan camaraderie is real.

Samantha Bee aired a “Full Frontal” segment on Wednesday about the passing of a bill that will allow thousands of rape kits to be tested. It renewed our faith in humanity and government ... if only for a little while.

To backtrack, Bee hosted a segment last year about the issue of “hundreds of thousands of rape kits sitting untested in evidence rooms around the country.” Specifically, Bee drew attention to Georgia state Sen. Renee Unterman (R) killing a bill called the “Pursuing Justice for Rape Victims Act” that was unanimously supported by the state’s House of Representatives. That bill would have required the state to begin testing those kits in a timely manner.

Bee’s segment called out Unterman and other officials for “contributing to the only thing worse than making a survivor go through a rape kit just to have it collect dust: getting rid of it completely.”

As a follow-up to that segment, Bee went full “Schoolhouse Rock on steroids” and created an animated video that portrayed how the bill’s creator, Democratic Rep. Scott Holcomb, ultimately got the bill to pass.

The seven-minute video is “government at its very best” and shows that ― despite all the odds ― bipartisan support exists and not everyone is garbage. Particularly badass is Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston (R), who assists Holcomb with a seriously fascinating legal loophole.


Holcomb is a hero. This is a victory for women, local government and our respective sanity.

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