Samantha Bee Tells Democrats What It'll Take To Stop Donald Trump

"It’s not enough just to yell your opinions -- that’s my job!"

Samantha Bee has issued a rallying call for Democrats to get out and vote.

On Wednesday, the “Full Frontal” host said protesting the policies of President Donald Trump’s administration out on the streets and at airports is all well and good. But what really matters is all those activists being motivated enough to visit the voting booth and have their say on polling day.

“For all their passion and earnestness and mad crafting skills, Democrats suck at voting,” said Bee, later adding: “It’s not enough just to yell your opinions ― that’s my job! You need to vote.”

There’s a “30 percent chance this omnishambles of a president will impeach himself by mistake,” Bee said. Otherwise, it would take a Democratic congress.

“And I’m afraid you can’t crochet one of those,” she added.

Check out the full segment above.

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