Samantha Bee: Trump Fixed 'Baby Jails' With The Next-Worst Thing

"Mommy-and-me jails are not a solution."

Samantha Bee of “Full Frontal” said she’s happy that President Donald Trump  signed an executive order halting his administration’s separation of immigrant families. But she’s also unhappy.

“If, like most people, you’ve been feeling a little uncomfortable with our new pre-K prisons ― good news! The president fixed it with the next-worst thing,” Bee said on her show Wednesday night.

“Yay! No more baby internment camps ― just regular internment camps. Cool! That’s what we call a win in 2018.”

Trump signed the executive order on Wednesday, retreating from his claim that only Congress could stop the separation of families under his zero tolerance policy of prosecuting those caught crossing the border illegally. Bee pointed out that Trump’s executive action did have a positive aspect.

“To be clear, I am happy that at least these kids are theoretically going to stay with their parents, but mommy-and-me jails are not a solution. They’re not new and they’re also not legal,” Bee said.

She added: “We really need to be more specific with our hashtags: #KEEPFAMILIESTOGETHERBUTNOTINJAILYOUMONSTERWHATISWRONGWITHYOU.”

Bee pointed out that detention of children isn’t legal under a 1997 lawsuit settlement known as the Flores agreement, which says that the federal government must place children with a close relative or family friend “without unnecessary delay” instead of holding them in custody. Immigrant children in custody must be kept in the “least restrictive conditions” possible, according to the agreement. 

“We have tried the family detention thing before and it was very not good. We should not accept it as a reasonable compromise,” Bee said. 

Check out the video below to see what Bee says about the new “C-word.”



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