Samantha Bee Went To Iraq To Meet The Unseen Women Fighting ISIS

"I decided to do my best Jared Kushner and tell these goddamn lady stories myself."

“Toxic masculinity” and “weaponized penises” seem to pretty much be taking up the news cycle, what with President Trump’s outlandish aggression toward North Korea and the impending threat of nuclear war

Enter Samantha Bee.

On Wednesday night, the comedian and host of TBS’s “Full Frontal” aired a segment in which she travelled to Iraq to meet the women fighting on the front lines against ISIS ― a refreshing change from what Bee calls pretty constant coverage of “tanks, soldiers, and the front line.”

“Coverage of the war on ISIS has been kind of a sausage fest ... when you see women on TV, you’d never think they’d never play any role other than Unnamed Victim Number One,” Bee says in the segment’s intro. “So I decided to do my best Jared Kushner and tell these goddamn lady stories myself.”

In the six-minute segment, produced by documentarian Razan Ghalayini, Bee spoke to an all-woman group of Peshmerga soldiers (Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq), activists, educators, and Iraqi and Syrian refugees about not only surviving ISIS and the war, but their devotion to women’s rights and equality. 

″While most of us can’t imagine a world without brunch, these women are using imagination and education to help create a more peaceful future,” Bee says. “Which is something ladies are really good at, when they actually get a chance to do it.”

Check out the full video here



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