Samantha Cameron's Smythson Store Opening Dress Is Architectural, Lovely (PHOTOS)

Unlike many of her contemporaries, Samantha Cameron doesn't let first lady duties occupy all of her time: The woman has a day job.

As creative consultant for Smythson, a luxury British stationer, Cameron often makes appearances on behalf of the brand. Her latest event took her all the way to Hong Kong for a store opening ceremony this afternoon. Sporting a teal dress with architectural cap sleeves, the UK prime minister's wife looked lovely cutting the ribbon in the entryway. Naturally, she had a sleek Smythson folder clutch tucked underneath her arm.

SamCam's held a position with the premium brand for over 17 years, reportedly transforming it into an exclusive spot to snag leather goods (the queen is even a customer). And she still had time to become Britain's chic first lady.

See Cameron's store opening look below and tell us how you think she does it.


samantha cameron

samantha cameron

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UK First Lady Samantha Cameron

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