Samantha Christian, Arizona Girl, Saves Family From House Fire (VIDEO)

10-Year-Old Saves Family From Fire

Samantha Christian, a 10-year-old Apache Junction, Ariz., girl is a hero after saving her family from a house fire on Monday, Sept. 3.

“Samantha Christian is an incredible young lady,” Deputy Fire Chief Dave Montgomery told the Apache Junction News, adding that her calm, collected actions showed "a great amount of courage for one so young."

According to WWBT, Samantha sprang into action when she noticed that a portable air conditioning unit in her room began to spark, then quickly burst into flames. She ran to wake up her mother and younger brothers.

The girl's mother, Labecca Christian, tried to pour water on the fire, while Samantha rushed to get her brothers to safety. Samantha escorted her 8-year-old brother, Brendon, through the smoke to a neighbor's house, then ran back into the house to get her youngest brother, Mikey. When Mikey wouldn't wake up, she carried him out.

"I picked him up and threw him on my shoulder, and brought him across the street," Samantha told ABC Phoenix.

After her brothers were safe, Samantha ran back into the house, screaming at her mother to get out of the mobile home. Neighbors called 911. Although the house was lost, Samantha's family is grateful.

"She's my little girl scout. She's pretty brave. I am pretty proud of what she did," Labecca Christian said.

Samantha was later recognized for her bravery by the Apache Junction Fire Department at her elementary school's monthly flag ceremony.

This is just the most recent report of a brave young girl acting heroically.

In May, WABC reported that a 4-year-old Long Island girl saved her brother by "calmly calling for help" when her brother choked on a piece of chicken and passed out. A responding officer was able to dislodge the food and restore breathing.

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