Samantha Cristoforetti, ISS Astronaut, Wears 'Star Trek' Uniform In Space

Astronaut Posts Awesome 'Star Trek' Selfie From Space

Someone get Capt. Kathryn Janeway to the bridge because it looks like her crew has arrived.

Samantha Cristoforetti, an Italian astronaut aboard the International Space Station, snapped a photo of herself wearing the uniform -- or at least uniform top -- worn on the "Star Trek: Voyager" series and sent it out via Twitter:

The "Dragon" is the SpaceX Dragon freighter, which arrived last week with supplies for the mission, including one of the most essential supplies of all: coffee. The freighter contains the ISSpresso, a new type of coffeemaker developed by the Italian engineering firm Argotec and the Italian coffee company Lavazza.

On Friday, Cristoforetti used the ISS's robotic arm to lure the Dragon and ensure a steady flow of caffeine for herself and her mates.

The uniform isn't all that Cristoforetti has in common with Janeway. The two also hold the same rank, with Cristoforetti serving as a captain in the Italian Air Force.

She's currently a flight engineer as part of the station's Futura mission, having arrived in November and expected to return to Earth in May.

(Technically, as several readers have pointed out, Star Trek's fictional Starfleet uses naval ranks, which are different than those used by the Air Force. According the U.S. Navy website, a captain in the U.S. Air Force would be roughly equivalent to a Navy lieutenant.)

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