Samantha Futerman, Anais Bordier Could Be Long-Lost Twin Sisters (VIDEO)

WATCH: Are These Two Women Long-Lost Twins?

When Los Angeles actress Samantha Futerman logged on to Facebook on Feb. 21, she got a message that would change her life forever.

"So...I don't want to be too Lindsay Lohan, to put it... I was wondering where you were born?"

The writer was Anais Bordier, a French woman studying in London. And that "Lindsay Lohan" mention? A reference to the remake of the classic film "Parent Trap," in which twins separated at birth discover each other for the first time.

The women, both 25 years old, confirmed that they were born on the same date in the same town in South Korea. Both had been adopted -- Futerman by a family in Verona, N.J., and Bordier by parents in Paris, France.

"We both share a twisted sense of humor, a love of cheese despite any & all lactose intolerance, flatulence as a result of said lactose intolerance, & an apparent napoleon complex to name a few," writes Futerman.

Both women also tend to "artistically sleep 10h a day & eat the rest of it," adds Bordier. But it was their differences that helped Bordier discover Futerman in the first place. While Bordier was vigilant about keeping her social network information private, Futerman was an outgoing actress with her own YouTube channel and a big social media footprint.

Last December, Bordier and her friends stumbled across Futerman acting in this raunchy YouTube clip and marveled at the facial similarities between the two. A couple of months later, Bordier saw her again -- this time in a trailer for the film "21 & Over." The credits listed Futerman's name, which helped Bordier discover Futerman's video diary about how it felt to be adopted. That's when Bordier decided to reach out.

The maybe-twins decided to create a documentary about their newfound relationship and plan to film their first meeting and DNA test confirmation. To raise money, they turned to Kickstarter for support. With two weeks left to go on their fundraising campaign, the "Twinsters" project has already reached $35,450 -- well above their initial $30,000 goal.

Get to know more about their journey by watching the video below, and check out their Kickstarter page to learn more.

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