There's More To Samantha Goudie Than Just Being 'Vodka Samm' (VIDEO)

'Vodka Samm' Speaks

Samantha Goudie went from being just another 22-year-old college student getting busted for public intoxication to an international Internet sensation thanks to her tweets from the handle @Vodka_Samm.

Goudie, a University of Iowa senior, was arrested on the afternoon of an Aug. 31 football game. She then tweeted "I'm going to get .341 tattooed on me because its so epic" and "Ive gotten so many hate tweets because I was drunk...uh I get good grades sorry for being like every other college student," among other sassy posts. Within days, websites around the globe were picking up on the story and labeling her the "world's drunkest college student."

University of Iowa President Sally Mason said in September she was worried about Goudie's health and well-being, while at the same time insisting most students don't behave that way. Although, Mason was also trying to tone down the image of the university as the top party school.

Goudie called the first newscast she saw about her drunken afternoon "devastating" and admitted she was embarrassed.

"I care about my life ... I didn't come to college to drink and be 'Vodka Samm,'" Goudie told the Daily Iowan TV, in the first and only interview she's granted since her tweets caught viral attention. Goudie said she was flooded with interview requests and endorsement offers in September, all of which she turned down.

Goudie wasn't lying about getting good grades -- she made the Dean's List on multiple occasions. And the Daily Iowan reveals those achievements happened while she was working to overcome an eating disorder in 2012.

"It takes a lot, that really does, to step up and talk about some of the worst times of your life," said David Goudie, Samantha's father.

Goudie hopes to go to graduate school after getting her bachelor's degree in political science in May 2014.

"I'm still kind of working my way out of this mess," Goudie said, "but I feel like I'll get there, though."

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