Samantha Kidner Forbidden From Parking Hearse In Apartment's Handicapped Spot

Samantha Kidner is dying to open a funeral home with her twin sister, and she's already got the hearse.

It might seem that the 18-year-old mortuary science student is putting the cart before the hearse, er, horse, but the casket-carrying caddy actually has a purpose.

Kidner suffers from a spinal disorder that causes her to stumble or fall. She qualifies for a handicapped parking permit and the hearse is roomy enough for her wheelchair, KTLA TV reports.

Her family pays for additional parking at the Los Angeles apartment she shares with her sister, but it seems her choice of car is driving the apartment management crazy.

“The owner of the property doesn’t like the message it sends, and doesn’t want it on the property,” Kidner told CBS Los Angeles. She said she recently tried to pull into the one available handicapped parking spot and "the security guard just stood in front of my car.”

While Kidner argues her parking rights with the apartment managers, she's been forced to park at a nearby children's hospital, an alternative she says is even creepier.

"I've had five brain surgeries as a child," Kidner told "Parents don't want to come see their kids in the hospital and see a hearse parked in the parking lot."