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Samantha Koenig Could be Anywhere; Suspect Traveled Inconspicuously

The Samantha Koenig case has taken another crazy turn and it involves the arrest of Israel "Izzy" Keyes, a man who was apprehended over 4,000 miles away from Anchorage, Alaska.
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The Samantha Koenig case has taken another crazy turn and it involves the arrest of Israel "Izzy" Keyes, a man who was apprehended all the way in Lufkin, Texas -- which is over 4,000 miles away from Anchorage, Alaska. In fact, officials in Anchorage have acknowledged that Israel is their one and only suspect as well as their only person of interest in the abduction of the 18-year old barista. So this leaves a lot to talk about considering the investigators are not really answering questions and the young woman is still missing.

It was pointed out in this Gather News article, that Israel Keyes appears to fit the profile of a potential serial predator. This leaves to question whether or not Samantha Koenig could be his only victim. The APD have been silent since the guy was arrested, but have expressed that the public still needs to focus on finding Samantha. Still, what about Israel? Since he's already been caught, why not reveal more information, or at least show the public this notorious surveillance footage showing the alleged abduction? Perhaps it's already suspected that there is far more to this case than what lies on the surface. Perhaps they are hoping Israel will be cooperative in leading detectives to Samantha's whereabouts.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is involved and asking anyone who may have had work done by Keyes to come forward as they need to investigate further. It may be possible that Samantha could be deceased and hidden anywhere where Keyes may have recently worked. Or it could be possible that any of these people may have seen him in the company of a young woman. At any rate, he traveled over 4,000 miles in as little as a month during the time frame of her abduction so she can physically be anywhere in the country. Hopefully the police are not focusing their entire search on Alaska now that it is fully known how far and quickly this man can travel. As it is currently known, Israel "Izzy" Keyes has been tied to Washington state, Texas, New York and Alaska. He could have been in other states over the course of his life. With that kind of geography in his past, it's important for detectives, analysts and even other profilers to dig deep and see if there are any connections between he, his business and any other potential unsolved crimes.

As for Samantha Koenig: It's probably safe to say that this young woman is no longer alive. The first 48 to 72 hours are the most urgent in an abduction scenario and considering that this man is in custody after traveling so far away with the young woman being nowhere to be found, good news probably isn't in the future. While it's important to hold onto even the slightest hint of hope for this girl to be found safe, it's also urgent to begin investigating any familiar areas to this man throughout the states in which he found himself familiar as well. That means this young woman could be even in Texas for all that is truly known. Hopefully detectives have figured out at least some direction in finding Samantha Koenig and hopefully Israel Keyes has a conscious and begins cooperating.

In the meantime, there are people who have been victimized during the course of this case, and not just the family of the missing woman. Tammie Counts and her son, Christopher Bird, have been targeted by the father of the missing 18-year-old barista along with some in the community of Anchorage and online supporters. Their public suspicion and threats on Christopher Bird became an uproarious side-story in the disappearance of Samantha Koenig, but it truly did turn this man and his family into victims as well. Once you're falsely accused of a violent crime it's hard to shake off that image, that marred and unnecessary label. Though it's apparent that Tammie Counts and her son won't be receiving an apology for this anytime soon, hopefully the public realizes that innocent people do get thrown under the bus sometimes by lynch mobs and those who have tunnel vision in cases like these.