Samantha Power On The Colbert Report

Samantha Power On The Colbert Report

Samantha Power is a Pulitzer Prize winning author and foreign policy expert who specializes in human rights and is a tireless fighter against genocide, but because of this one occasion where she said something impolite about Hillary Clinton to a reporter she can never, ever, ever help America again forever and ever, no matter how often or how well she dates Cass Sunstein, who once did Clinton a solid by opposing her husband's impeachment.

Yeah, things are tough all over for Power, and presumably, fans of genocide-opposition. But the long road back to the bright side began tonight for Power, as she found herself on the Colbert Report. It was quite a coup for Colbert as well - he owned Power's first interview since she got booted from the Obama campaign. To return the favor, Colbert did his best to mitigate Power's misguided remark:

COLBERT: This is your first interview after having left the Obama team because you called Hillary Clinton a monster. True?

POWER: Sadly, yes.

COLBERT: First of all, I think it's a great development for America that members of both teams, Obama and Clinton, are quitting for things that they said about the other side. Eventually there will be no one left to say the things that both sides actually think about each other except the candidates themselves. Then we put them in a sand pit and make them wrestle.

POWER: Each camp has a lot of amazing people left.

COLBERT: Okay. Fantastic. Do you want to clarify what kind of monster while we're here, by the way?

POWER: Can I just clarify and say I don't think Hillary Clinton is a monster and I get to be on television and say that.

COLBERT: There's a way to make it positive. Why not embrace it?

POWER: No, no, no.

COLBERT: What about a good monster like Cookie Monster? And her campaign slogan - I'm helping out here - the campaign slogan could be "C is for Clinton, that's good enough for me." Think about it.

POWER: I need help.

COLBERT: Great. I'm willing to say that John McCain is a minotaur.

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