Same Age Celebrities: Jim Parsons, Jean Dujardin Both 39 Years Old

What do a boy genius and a silent film star have in common? They're both 39!

Maybe it's because of his small screen character's unbelievable intelligence yet incredible naivety that we thought Jim Parsons was barely pushing 25. But, in fact, "The Big Bang Theory" star is the same age as sage and silent "The Artist" actor, Jean Dujardin.

Both of these accomplished actors -- Parsons has two Emmys and Dujardin an Oscar -- are pushing the big 4-0.

But these two leading male actors aren't the only ones who surprised us when we learned they shared the same age. "Jersey Shore" guidette Snooki and soul-baring singer Adele are both 24; Marky Mark Wahlberg and "Revenge" star Gabriel Mann are both 40; and aftershave aficionado Macaulay Culkin and legs-for-days Gisele Bundchen are both 31.

Check out these same age celebs below. Which pairing is the most shocking?

Same Age Celebs