Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's 'Same Love' Gets Anti-Gay Makeover By Christian Rapper Bizzle

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's marriage equality anthem "Same Love" may have rocked the Grammy Awards, but one Texas-based Christian rapper has condemned the track in a very disturbing way.

As The Houston Chronicle is reporting, Bizzle refutes the popular comparisons of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights movement to the civil rights struggles of the African-American community.

"You'd rather fight God than fight sin," Bizzle rhymes on the track. "The Bible is alright until it calls what you like sin/And I feel so disrespected that you were so desperate/You would compare your sexual habits to my skin."

He then adds, "You can play straight, we can never play white ... It angers you if I compare you to a pedophile, because he's sick, right, and you're better, how?"

As the Chronicle also points out, Bizzle has released songs "targeting the media messages" of popular artists like Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z in the past.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have come under heavy criticism since their performance of "Same Love" on the Grammy Awards, featuring appearances by Queen Latifah and Madonna, on Jan. 26. Among those to condemn the number, during which 33 straight and gay couples tied the knot onstage, was the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer.

"If you care about children, this thing ought to appall you because gay marriage is bad for children," Fischer said, according to Right Wing Watch. "In fact, same-sex parenting ... is a form of child abuse."



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