Same Name Couple, Kelly Carl Hildebrandt And Kelly Katrina Hildebrandt, Are Divorcing

IT'S OVER! Same-Name Couple Splits Up

Here's one couple who doesn't have to worry about changing their last names after divorce.

After three years of marriage, famed same-name couple Kelly Carl Hildebrandt and Kelly Katrina Hildebrandt have filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

“She’s a Florida girl, and I’m a Texas guy,” the male Hildebrandt told NBC 6 on Friday. “We really did come from pretty different worlds.”

The pair met on Facebook in May 2008 after the female Hildebrandt searched for anyone sharing her name. She came across one person -- Kelly Carl Hildebrandt -- and decided to send him a message.

"I just told him that I saw we had the same name and I thought it was kinda cool and that I just wanted to say hi," she said on the Today Show in July 2009 (see full video below). "It was a sentence -- the whole thing. It was only one sentence."

The Hildebrandts were living in different states at the time -- she in Coral Spring, Fla. and he in Lubbock, Texas -- so they began their relationship through emails and phone calls. They met face-to-face two months after meeting online, when Kelly Carl Hildebrandt visited Kelly Katrina Hildebrandt in South Florida. They were engaged by December 2008 and tied the knot less than a year later in October 2009.

For more on their 2009 "Today" show appearance, watch the video below.

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