Anti-Gay Pundits Freak Out Over Grammys Gay Wedding Ceremony

If you watched the 2014 Grammys last night, hopefully you caught history being made as 33 couples, many of them same-sex, were wed by Queen Latifah as Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Madonna and Mary Lambert performed what has been called a gay anthem, "Same Love."

While the ceremony certainly brought tears to our eyes, we can always count on anti-gay pundits and citizens to let us know their thoughts about these events via social media. Among those disappointed in the ceremony were the American Family Association's notoriously anti-gay Bryan Fischer, as well as Fox News' Todd Starnes.

Others joined in to voice their criticism:

While we've made a huge amount of progress as a community and LGBT individuals, it's important to also remember that not everyone is quite so ecstatic about our political and social gains. These tweets serve as reminder that this is no time to be complacent with our victories and that there is still a huge amount of work left to do.

However, thankfully not every response was quote so negative. Check out some awesome statements of support for these couples from celebrities below.



Anti-Gay Celebrity Statements