Sami Drasin Professional Gifted Photographer

Sami Paige Drasin Professional Photographer


At a very young age Sami got the camera bug and began shooting photos of everything she saw. Many photos were really creative and she was way ahead of her time. Photos of fashion and friends were her forte at the time. She would bring friends over and dress them up and shoot various looks and styles. For her this was practical application and the best way to learn.

I always thought since she was so camera friendly that she should be in front of the camera but she didn't like that. She wanted the creative side behind the lens. She was a cute little girl who grew into a beautiful woman. Many think that she is an actress or model.



Sami's Dog, Bogie became one of her favorite subjects to shoot.


As Sami pursued this for several years you can see I tried to get her to follow in my footsteps with wrestling then bodybuilding but that wasn't for her so she decided to take photos for publicity of all my wrestling students and they came out great. Actually I'm just kidding but why not pass on the knowledge and the ring is a good prop for shooting as well as the gym.



Sami went to high school and majored in the arts but her senior years she decided to do home study since it was faster and she could move on with her career. At times she used me for her subject to shoot since I was home but the photos came out great. This is one of her first shots of me in school. She's come a long way since but I always thought it was clever. I went ahead and used it as a promo for my show.


Sami applied for Art Center in Pasadena and got accepted from her work and this is a very difficult thing to do. Focus, motivation and passion is what it takes to succeed in anything but especially photography. So many talk the talk but don't walk the walk. This is what separates Sami from the rest. Her photos are exceptional and she gets a lot of recognition from them and is moving up in demand very fast.

She graduated Art Center and immediately went right to work interning for another photographer where she picked up more skills and business because it's not just shooting. You have the business end as well with invoices and pay rates. This is where many drop the ball but not Sami. Her passion got her through all of this.

When she doesn't have a job to shoot for a client, then she books models and locations and shoots at her own expense to create new paths and improve her skills. This is what a true artist does who wants to move forward. Exposure and social media is the key to get your name out there. Of course it's who you know but much better is who knows you! I had her as my guest to discuss her career on


Currently Sami shoots for many major magazines and they keep asking her back which is a great sign of her work. Even though she's busy, she doesn't rest on that and still pursues new clients to move forward. Here is some of her work and magazines she shoots for.






Cosmo, Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Cake, Nylon and Refinery 29

Keep your eyes out for Sami Drasin because very soon she will be one of the top Photographers in the world. And the best thing is, she will always be my Daughter!
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