Sami Grisafe, USA All-Star Female Quarterback, SLAYS National Anthem At Worlds (VIDEO)

Some people just have all the talent.

Not only was Sami Grisafe a key member of the USA team that won the IFAF Women's World Championship earlier this month in Vantaa, Finland -- not to mention being the MVP pick for the entire championship -- but the quarterback was also responsible for singing the anthem that helped spark her team's 64-0 gold medal-winning performance.

With a ukelele in hand, Grisafe -- who is also a successful recording artist based in Evanston, Ill. -- launched into one of the most stunning versions of the "Star Spangled Banner" we've ever heard.

According to Autostraddle, Grisafe's performance is set to be featured in the new documentary "Tackle Girls: One Team, One Mission," a film centered on Team USA's second consecutive win at the IFAF championship. It is expected to be released early next year.

Grisafe, quarterback of the Chicago Force, previously gained national media attention for the viral Justin Bieber-parodying "Gayfriend" video she created with two Force teammates.

The openly lesbian musician-athlete will be performing (on the field) at the WFA Women's Football National Championships in San Diego on Aug. 3 and (on the stage) at the Green Mill in Chicago for the Paper Machete show on Sept. 7 and at City Winery Chicago for a March on Springfield for Marriage Equality benefit on Sept. 9, according to her website.

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