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Sammi, Quadriplegic Dog, Learns To Walk And Run (VIDEO)


The 8-year-old dog had a bone growing near his spinal column that began to press on his spinal cord, according to a press release from California Animal Rehabilitation. Doctors operated, but were unable to remove the excess bone, leaving Sammi quadriplegic.

But after months of intense rehabilitation treatments, Sammi learned to sit up, walk and eventually run.

The rehab center captured Sammi's reunion with mom on camera, and the footage is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Since his recovery in 2008, Sammi has enjoyed quality time with his family, even swimming in the pool during the hot summer months.

While Sammi's story is inspirational, the dog isn't the only animal to overcome incredible obstacles.

Last year, a woman found Harper the puppy in a trash bag. The dog had "swimmer's puppy syndrome," a condition that "causes puppies to lie flat on their chests with their legs perpetually splayed out," MSNBC's "Today" reports.

However, after undergoing rounds of hydrotherapy, Harper learned to walk and run.

Motala the elephant also showed the world what she was made of when she received an artificial leg in 2006. The 50-year-old animal lost her left front leg after stepping on a land mine in Thailand in 1999.


Sammi's Rehabilitation Journey

Sammi's Reunion With Mom