Sampa The Great and Estelle Discuss Music & Identity In New Paris Interview

Estelle and Sampa The Great chat in Paris.
Estelle and Sampa The Great chat in Paris.

Video Premier: Estelle and Sampa The Great Discussing Music and Identity in Paris Interview

Sampa The Great has just released her new single "Everybody’s Hero feat. Estelle" with production by Rahki."  Her new EP HERoes Act 2 is out now with Red Bull Sound Select, her follow up to The Great Mixtape.

Below is my Q & A with Sampa The Great where she describes her musical influences, advice to other young artists, and upcoming tour.

Rasheena Fountain: How does identity shape the content of your music?

Sampa The Great: Where I’m from and how I grew up are part of my identity and both have very much shaped the way I listen to music, sound, beats and how I respond to them.

R.F: How has living in Australia and the hip hop scene there influenced your sound?

Sampa The Great: I’m really young to the hip hop scene in Australia. My sound is still influenced by the music I grew up listening to, but more and more everyday my surroundings and the things I experience on a day-to-day basis are finding their way into poems and songs.

R.F:What is on rotation in your music playlists at the moment?

Sampa The Great: Smino - blkswn. Although I can’t get the time to listen to the full album, but I’m bumping a couple of songs that are amazing!

R.F: What does evolution look like for you as an artist?

Sampa The Great: My evolution as an artist is to grow to be the best Sampa Tembo I can be; to be able to fully express myself in all avenues and to master my musical weaknesses as well as my strengths.

R.F: What is the most challenging part of being in the music industry?

Sampa The Great: Navigating through boxes and succumbing to pressure around you.

R.F: What is the most rewarding part of being in the music industry?

Sampa The Great: Paving a way for yourself and your peers. Being inspired by and inspiring everyday people

R.F: What inspires your artistry?

Sampa The Great: My life. What I have lived, experienced. The beautiful moments of humanity I’ve experienced and the dreadful ones too. Strength of a people and love.

R.F: If you could offer any young girls advice on life, music, or pursuing their dreams, what would it be?

Sampa The Great: Know who you are and then love that. Both are different. Know who you are - your strengths and weaknesses to work on - and love who you are. Easier said than done! It’s becoming less and less convincing to tell a young woman she is enough. Trust me, you are!

R.F: What are some highlights of this year or upcoming in this year?

Sampa The Great: Highlights of this year would be releasing HERoes Act 2 and reminiscing on the making of that project. Playing in the UK for the first time and the co-tour I’m having with my family back in Australia, The Fire Sign Tour with Remi and Sensible J.

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