Sam's Club Selling A Whole Jack Daniel's Single Barrel (PHOTO)

You know, if you're into that sort of thing.

We're not sure if Sam's Club is trying to tell us something about our whiskey consumption, or if they are insisting we drink more. We're not really Jack Daniel's fans around here, but faced with this sure-to-become-notorious deal, perhaps we'll reconsider. Reddit user vamonos_pest stumbled upon this bizarre sale in their local store, and had the good sense to share it with the internet.

Without further ado, we give you the Sam's Club Jack Daniel's barrel.

Surely you've got a spare $9,660 hanging around? Oh, you don't? Great news, Reddit user domanator1's Sam's Club has a cheaper version. Instead of the Single Barrel, you can pick up a barrel of the regular black label for almost $2,000 less. Let the whiskey barrel pricing wars begin.

Our favorite suggestion in the comments was from Reddit user lil_buddha, who said, "Buy it and, at the checkout, ask for a single silly straw." We look forward to our Sam's Club's everything-must-go-sale on Old Grand-Dad.

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