Samsung Denver Cell Phone Study: One In Three Of Denverites Would Sooner Give Up Sex Than Phones

Samsung has released the results of a Denver-area consumer study that indicated nearly a third of Denver area residents would sooner give up sex for a year that go without a cell phone for the same amount of time.

The September 2009 research study found 29 percent of men and women in Denver would rather forgo sex for an entire year rather than give up their cell phones for the same amount of time. When it came to the battles of sexes, Denver women (33 percent) were more willing than men (20 percent) to lose their libidos versus missing their mobile phones.

The Poll also showed 39% of Denver residents prefer texting over talking.

(39 percent) of [Denverites] rely on texting to communicate instead of having an actual phone conversation... Women (44 percent) are more likely to text than talk on their cell phones than their male counterparts (30 percent).