Samsung 'Evolutionary Husband?' Ad Outrages Fox News, Men's Rights Activists

An ad for Samsung's Smart TV is creating quite a furor on the Internet.

The video, "Evolutionary Husband?", which was uploaded to the brand's YouTube page on May 14th, shows a woman fantasizing about what would happen if she could upgrade her husband as easily as she can upgrade her television.

According to Fox News, the commercial "portrays men as dirty slobs, just a half step up from cavemen." Reddit users discussing the ad in the "Men's Rights" subreddit described it as "pure filth" and "absolutely appalling."

YouTube commenter SolApathy wrote: "I can't see myself buying another Samsung unless they offer a formal apology. If they ran a video like this showing a woman that was "too stupid" to plug in this kit there would be a firestorm on the news."

Men's rights groups are particularly vocal about discrimination against men, so their outrage isn't surprising, but this ad may not be particularly fair to women, either. Who really wants to be married to a robot?

This is not the first time Samsung has been called out for overplaying gender stereotypes in their marketing. In March, the company was criticized for how they portrayed women during the launch for the GS4 phone. CNET's Molly Wood called the event "tone-deaf and shockingly sexist." Nilay Patel at the Verge remarked, "it wasn't supposed to be this way."

Redditor fishing-for-downvote posted a message he claims to have sent to Samsung's Facebook page: "You guys have already gotten in hot water for being sexist towards women in your S4 launch, maybe instead of humiliating men and saying we are good for nothing until we reach Version 2.0 you should adopt some gender neutral, fair marketing."

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