Samsung Facebook Ad Backfires: Many Would Choose iPhone Over Galaxy S3 On 'Desert Island'

Another Samsung Ad FAIL

Electronics manufacturer and Apple rival Samsung is really going to the mat in its latest ad campaigns, pitting its Galaxy S3 against competition like the iPhone 5. But some of those Samsung ads have apparently backfired.

A recent Facebook ad, intended to position the Samsung Galaxy S3 favorably as the device that consumers would want to take with them to a desert island, has fallen victim to Apple fans and other Internet trolling, Tapscape reports.

The ad, which was posted to Samsung Mobile's official Facebook page on Sept. 6, asked prospective castaways which device they'd prefer to have in tow if marooned. Although the ad was a win for audience engagement -- drawing more than 45,000 "likes" and 15,000 comments by time of writing -- many who left their thoughts on the page sided with competitors.

While some users did state a preference for the Galaxy S3, BGR surmised that the Samsung Facebook ad backfired. Its analysis of the 50 most recent Facebook comments on the ad (as of its post's press time, Sept. 18) revealed that 40 users would rather tote an iPhone, and that one preferred an iPad.

While the trend toward Apple products continues today, other users made flippant suggestions such as an "electric boat," as well as an "electric toothbrush" and a "satellite phone to call for rescue."

AllThingsD's Ina Fried quipped that this contrarian behavior might have been anticipated by anyone who had used the Internet for "longer than a week or so."

"As you would think corporate social [media] specialists would have learned, the masses tend to go off script," Fried wrote.

The Wall Street Journal also reported on a lack of quality -- or at least, desirable -- engagement from social media, citing the epic snark that commenters heaped on a question posed on the Facebook page of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

This isn't the first Samsung ad to backfire recently. Earlier this week, iFanboys flamed the Samsung print ad "It Doesn't Take A Genius," with some producing retorts.

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