Samsung Flexible AMOLED: Future Tablet Offers Transparent Display, Speech Translation (VIDEO)

WATCH: Samsung's Awesome Tablet Of The Future

Here's another video of a concept for a future device, this time of what appears to be a tablet, from Samsung. It's fully transparent, it's flexible and it can translate the babblings of French people into your native language. Obviously, this technology is years away (Just kidding, France!).

Take a look at what Samsung thinks your tablet/smartphone might look like and be able to do some day:

Samsung has some flexible display phones that are set to be released in 2012, but don't expect them to look anything like they do in the video above; check out this link for a more likely representation, of an edge-to-edge display that can bend, twist and perhaps be controlled by said bending and twisting (if the Nokia concepts for flexible devices are any indication).

Samsung alos had a bendable screen on display at CES last year, captured nicely in this video playing one of the Ice Age movies.

According to tech site VentureBeat, Vice President of Investor Relations Robert Yi said during a recent phone call with investors that Samsung is looking to push out its flexible display devices sooner than later:

"The flexible display we are looking to introduce sometime in 2012, hopefully the earlier part," Yi said on the call. "The application probably will start from the handset side."

2011 has been a fruitful year of videos purporting to show the future of technology, with several firms showing off bendable device displays. For all the best, check out our future-tech slideshow (below) and prepare to be transported into a time years from now.

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