Watch The Evolution Of The Samsung Galaxy S In 1 Mesmerizing GIF

It wasn't always so pretty.

Samsung's latest Galaxy S phone is coming in April, and the flagship device is looking better than ever. It's got slick curved glass, a metal body and new colors -- but the Galaxy hasn't always been so beautiful.

The team at put together an animated GIF showing the popular smartphone's evolution since the first device was released in 2010. Folks accustomed to the polished aesthetics of the more recent iterations might be surprised to see the phone's squat, rectangular origins.

Take a look:

Samsung's phones are incredibly popular. In fact, they're the most popular in the world, according to the International Data Corporation, closing 2014 with a 19.9 percent marketshare. Even older models do well: A report from mid-2014 showed that a somewhat outdated Samsung Galaxy S III was the most popular Android phone on the market two years after its release.

That said, Samsung is increasingly threatened by Apple, which enjoyed record sales last year based largely on the new iPhone 6.

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