Samsung Wants Its New Device To Put You To Sleep

Here's one gadget you'll want to take to bed with you.
Samsung's SleepSense will track your slumbering habits.
Samsung's SleepSense will track your slumbering habits.

You shouldn't bring your smartphone to bed, but Samsung has a new device it's hoping you'll snuggle up with.

The Korean electronics company on Thursday revealed a gadget called SleepSense that slides under your mattress and keeps track of your slumbering habits. It communicates with a smartphone app, and Samsung claims it will keep track of your heart rate, breathing and movement during sleep with 97 percent accuracy.

There are already quite a few products that do similar things. But SleepSense has a couple of interesting other features: The device will give you advice tailored by Dr. Christos Mantzoros, a professor at Harvard Medical School, and it also includes a handy function that lets you spy on the sleep habits of your loved ones.

You read that correctly. Samsung doesn't refer to it as such in its press materials, but the device does have a dedicated function that lets you monitor the sleep habits of someone you care about. You can put it in your aging mom's bed and use a built-in "family care" option to get updates about her sleep sent directly to your email. Or, flip the equation: A worried dad could put a SleepSense in his high school student's bed to make sure the kid's actually getting quality shut-eye.

SleepSense will also communicate with other "smart" devices in your home: It can turn your TV off when it learns that you've fallen asleep, for example. Not that you were looking at a sleep-wrecking screen before bedtime, of course.

A representative for Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post about the device's release date and price. In the meantime, our very own Arianna Huffington has a few ideas about how you can get better sleep -- check 'em out.