Samuel L. Jackson Has Hilarious Response To Jonah Hill Beating His Cursing Record

Cue some funny Jules Winnfield-esque rage from the “Pulp Fiction” star.

Samuel L. Jackson couldn’t f**king believe he didn’t top a list of actors who’ve said the most curse words on screen.

“Who won?” Jackson asked “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday.

“It’s not you. It’s Jonah Hill,” Fallon responded.

Cue some funny faux Jules Winnfield-esque rage from the “Pulp Fiction” star:

“That’s some bullshit. I mean, no. No. No way, man. No way, man, come on. Jonah Hill, really? I don’t believe that. Someone has miscounted.”

Hill, for the record, was equally amused by the study released in 2020, at the time thanking “The Wolf of Wall Street” director Martin Scorsese “for pushing me over the edge” with his filthy-mouth dialog in the 2013 film.

Watch the interview here:

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