Samuel L. Jackson Has An Idea On How He Can Get Into The Next 'Star Wars' Movie (VIDEO)

When Samuel L. Jackson dropped by "Late Show," David Letterman wanted to know if he would be reprising his role of Mace Windu in the new "Star Wars" films. Jackson said that while he was filming a different movie with Mark Hamill, he asked Hamill if he'd heard from JJ Abrams. Hamill had not. He then touched base with Ewan McGregor, who said he'd not been contacted about it, either.

"So, I was thinking maybe all three of us could just get together and go over to the ‘Star Wars’ set one day and just stand around," Jackson said. "And then I heard on television that they were auditioning people for ‘Star Wars,’ and I said, ‘Maybe we should just go to the auditions and see if we can get a job.'”

Disney recently announced that they are holding open auditions for the franchise continuation all over the world -- people can film auditions at home, too. But it's pretty unlikely Jackson would return. He reportedly hinted to Abrams that he wanted to be in the film, but didn't really get a respose.

Of course, as Uproxx's Andrew Roberts pointed out, there is one problem with Jackson coming back. Mace Windu is dead. "As most of us can vaguely remember, Jackson was last seen riding the lightning out of a skyscraper in ‘Revenge of The Sith.’ This means that any return as Mace Windu would be in funky purple Jedi ghost form, most likely whispering obscenities and reciting ‘Amos & Andrew’ quotes.”

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