‘Prophet’ Samuel L. Jackson Explains His Eerily Accurate Prediction About Trump

The screen icon also has a warning for 2020.

Samuel L. Jackson’s uncanny 2016 warning about President Donald Trump came true, and now he’s hoping it serves as a lesson to voters in the 2020 election.

On Monday night, Stephen Colbert shared the three-year-old clip of Jackson on the “Late Show” warning about the possibility of a Trump victory at a time when few believed he could beat Hillary Clinton.

“Don’t think the other thing can’t happen. That’s why the Brexit is trying to get a recall right now, but we’re not gonna get a do-over,” Jackson said at the time.

“You’re a prophet and you didn’t know it,” Colbert said, and asked the “Shaft” star how it feels to be right.

“I didn’t want to be right,” Jackson said. “I hope I was trying to be funny.”

Although Jackson refused to offer a new prediction for 2020, he said the 2016 results should serve as a warning.

“I was really hoping people would go vote, and I hope they’ll go vote now because now they know what can happen,” he said.

See their full conversation below:


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