Samuel Nobile de Oliveira, Paraplegic Man, Builds His Own Wheelchair Ramp In Brazil (PHOTO)

A paraplegic man from Brazil took matters into his own hands when he grew frustrated by his town hall's lack of wheelchair accessibility.

Samuel Nobile de Oliveira, 41, decided to build his own ramp instead of waiting for public officials to do so, Radio Metropolitana FM reported.

The 41-year-old's picture has since shot up on Reddit Wednesday after user carbamazepine submitted it.

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Nobile de Oliveira told the radio station he was tired of waiting and complaining about the situation.

"I had the day off today and resolved to do this," he said. "Every time I come here I have to ask for help from someone to be able to come up."

Hermes Bergamim, the town's mayor, apologized for the circumstances, G1 reported.

"I apologize to all disabled by the situations and constraints," he said. "We will take appropriate action in the city so this does not happen anymore."

Reddit commenters appear split between being upset that Nobile de Oliveira had to build the ramp himself and inspired that he took action.

"I really admire people who take the initiative regardless of what other people say or do," user susarejap wrote. "Wish I were like that!"



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