You, Yes YOU, Can Name This Adorable Baby Otter

You otter know about this zoo contest.

Are you a little lost in life? Feeling like you haven’t made any solid contributions to the world and maybe never will?

Now’s your chance. The San Antonio Zoo is accepting name submissions for one of its female Asian small-clawed otter pups. Here’s a pic of the currently nameless li’l otter.

She was born in January in a litter of three females. Her two litter mates are named Quinn and Ivy.

Anyone inspired with a great name for the third member of the trio can suggest it in a comment on the zoo’s Facebook post Friday and Saturday. Then, next week, the Texas zoo will select its three favorites and allow people to vote on them. The winner (as if naming an otter baby isn’t prize enough?) gets four tickets to the zoo.

Some contenders so far include Hammer, Bubbles, Midge and our personal favorite, Y.I. Otter. 

Unsurprisingly, there was at least one suggestion for Otter McOtterface. 



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