San Diego July 4th Fireworks Show Malfunctions (VIDEO): All Fireworks Explode At One Time

Fireworks Show Malfunctions, Explodes All The Fireworks At One Time

Ever wonder what would happen if hundreds of fireworks exploded at once?

San Diego experienced this phenomenon -- by accident -- when an annual fireworks display malfunctioned, setting off all of the fireworks five minutes prior to the start of the show. The Fourth of July celebration was expected to last 18 minutes, but went up in smoke within 15 seconds, according to the LA Times. (See videos of the show below)

One tweeter, @BenBaller, caught the incredible display in an Instagram photo that has been retweeted dozens of times:

Wtf? I think a yacht blew up #coronado

— BEN BALLER™ (@BENBALLER) July 5, 2012

san diego fireworks show july 4th photo video
Photo via BenBaller on Instagram

MSNBC reports that Port District authorities blame a "technical difficulty" for the unexpected blasts.

Garden State Fireworks produced the show this year, and released a statement on Big Bay Boom explaining they had a team "working throughout the night to determine what technical problem caused the entire show to be launched in about 15 seconds."

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San Diego Fireworks Malfunction

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