San Diego Padres Players Rock Out To Smash Mouth In Dugout

The team's tribute to "All-Star" is becoming a viral hit, but they didn't play like all-stars on the field, losing 5-2 to the Washington Nationals.

The San Diego Padres didn’t play like all-stars on the baseball field Sunday, but they sang like ones in the dugout.

The team lost 5-2 to the Washington Nationals after giving up four straight home runs in the 8th inning — but they did get a viral hit of sorts thanks to the team’s rendition of the Smash Mouth hit “All-Star.”

The video below was taken before the game and shows the team singing the song, led by outfielder Franmil Reyes. The Pads’ rookie sensation Fernando Tatis, Jr., shows he’s almost as good with an air guitar as he is with the bat and glove.

Although Smash Mouth is known for commenting on practically everything that happens on the internet, including straight pride parades, baseball player Bryce Harper and Drake’s behavior at basketball games, the band has not commented on the Padres’ tribute as of Monday afternoon.

This isn’t the Padres’ first “music video” to go viral this season.

A few weeks ago, Reyes’ rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” hit a home run on the Internet.



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