San Diego State Women's Golf Team Shows Off Trick Shots Impressive Enough To Intimidate The Competition

If you're looking to get inside your opponent's head, consider releasing a video of your team's best trick shots on YouTube.

The San Diego State women’s golf team published a video Sunday that highlights some pretty impressive (and intimidating) moves.

The video includes the standard "bounce a golf ball on a wedge" clip, followed by less-standard variations, like "bounce a golf ball on a wedge, then pass it to another player, who rolls it down her back to another player, who kicks it down the fairway."

In an email to The Huffington Post, team coach Leslie Spalding said the team filmed the entire video by themselves over the course of about an hour and a half.

Intimidating as it may be, it's actually part of a women's college golf trick shot challenge for the Back 9 Network.

"The chemistry of the team shows in the video," Spalding said, "they are just like this!"

She added that the hardest tricks to pull off were the group putt and the hit in mid-air.

"If these trick shots are what these girls do for fun," the video description reads, "just wait until you see what they do this Spring 2015 season. NCAA Nationals or bust!"

This entry has been updated to include comments from Leslie Spalding.



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