San Francisco Bucket List: What I Did With My Final Month In My Favorite Place (PHOTOS)

When I moved back to the Bay for the second time -- at the wise, weathered age of 26 -- I told anyone who would listen that I was never leaving.

But I'm as prone to exaggerating as I am to making lists, and when the time came for me to relocate to New York City once more, my natural response was to furiously scribble down every SF thing I'd ever wanted to do but hadn't yet found the time for. Who wants to plan the logistics of a move when there's so much city to see?

In my two years as HuffPost SF editor, I took every opportunity to remind readers that I love San Francisco more than I've ever loved any human person. There's a lot packed into those glorious 49 square miles, however, and my to-do list ranged from the basic (how could I have never been to Alcatraz?) to the ambitious (biking the Wiggle every day obviously means I'm ready to tackle the Marin Headlands) to the outside-the-box (energy healing is the perfect antidote to moving anxiety, right?).

So I filled each free moment to capacity, exploring hilltops and alleys I'd never known, racking up the mileage on my brother's Subaru and forcing anyone who feigned the slightest interest to join in. The below is by no means a comprehensive guide to San Francisco; it's simply a list of things this so-called lifer managed to pencil in before she headed east again.

I never found the time to hike up to Mount Davidson, drink a Gypsy Tan at Trick Dog or have my energy healed. Thank goodness I'll be back soon--and that's no exaggeration.

San Francisco Bucket List

For those following along at home (Hi, Grandma!), this is the third cross-country move I've made for HuffPost in less than three years. I'm running out of Bucket List ideas.