San Francisco Cable Cars: Stunning Photos Of A City's Icon

This article comes to us courtesy of 7x7 magazine.

Most of us who live in the city see cable cars every day, or at least their tracks-but how many locals have actually ridden one? We spent a day looking into the background of SF's world-famous cable cars, and what makes them work.

The idea for the cable car system was built from Andrew Smith Hallidie after he witnessed a horrible horse-drawn carriage accident, where five horses were dragged to death after slipping on a wet, steep, San Francisco hill. That was 1869; by 1873, cable cars were already being tested. Over the years, the system has expanded and gone through a series of changes, including a mayor in the 1940s who tried to shut the whole system down. Thanks to the people of SF, it is still around today.

Cable Cars

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