San Francisco Nudists To Stage Nude-In Protest At City Hall (PHOTOS)

The San Francisco nudist rights crowd may not be the largest in town, but it could be one of the most vocal. And if their latest scheme works, they may soon take to the global stage.

Filmmaker Jan Dalchow and photographer founder Kenneth Sortland Myklebust are to town to capture some footage for Sortland Myklebust's "1,000 Bodies Project"--a collection of anonymous, self-portraits of nude non-professional models. And the nudists want in.

According to SF Weekly, famed nudist Gypsy Taub, who recently stripped herself of clothes during a Board of Supervisors meeting, has organized a City Hall protest against Supervisor Scott Wiener's nudity crackdown this Wednesday at noon. She hopes Dalchow and Sortland Myklebust will come along with their cameras.

"Come join us for a protest against this fascist legislation!" wrote Taub on her blog. "Our bodies are sacred. An attack on our right to be nude is an attack on sacredness, beauty, love, freedom, art and creativity. […] Body freedom is an unalienable right."

Will the artists make an appearance? We can't say. But if we know anything about SF nudists, we think it's safe to assume they'll be plenty of naked bodies at City Hall this Wednesday.

UPDATE: The Huffington Post has learned that Jan Dalchow will also be filming a documentary, focusing on both the 1,000 Bodies Project and San Francisco's nudity laws, and questioning why nudity continues to spark controversy.

"When people overcome their fears and go naked, why do most people feel so good about it?" wrote Dalchow in a release. "The issue of personal freedom is important to me. In San Francisco, all aspects of freedom are present, including the issues of sexual identity and body freedom. This proposed law wants to protect the 'freedom to not see an unclothed person,' which is a strange concept."

Check out some photos of a recent nudist protest in our slideshow below:

SF Nudity Protest