UPDATE: San Francisco Plane Crash Results In Waivers After More Than 250 Flights Canceled By Asiana Airlines Crash Landing


UPDATE 8:33pm: reports more than 358 flights have been canceled coming into and out of San Francisco. Flight Aware's CEO, Daniel Baker, also noted that 70 SFO-bound flights had been diverted away from the airport as a result of the crash, USA Today reports.

PREVIOUSLY: Following a crash landing by Asiana Airlines flight 214 on Saturday morning, San Francisco Airport closed to air traffic. On its Twitter account, the airport stated that two runways will be reopening "shortly."

Airlines took to Twitter to send condolences to Asiana and to share information on their customers' flights. American Airlines waived ticket change fees for those who are scheduled to fly both Saturday and Sunday; Virgin America and JetBlue similarly followed suit. United Tweeted that affected customers should head to the airline's website for more information on flights.

According to Flight Aware, a site that tracks canceled and delayed flights around the world, some 252 flights have been canceled at SFO Saturday.

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