Knife-Wielding Man Shot Dead By San Francisco Police (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

A shocking video posted to Instagram shows the final seconds of the encounter.

San Francisco police said they shot a man to death Wednesday after he stabbed another person and advanced on an officer with a knife.

A shocking video captured by bystanders and posted to Instagram shows the man stumbling against a wall. The San Francisco Examiner reports officers initially tried to subdue him with beanbags and other non-lethal weapons.

A woman seen in the video can be heard yelling for someone, presumably the man, to "drop it." It's unclear if she was referring to a knife, which can't be seen in the short clip. About 10 seconds into the video, the man takes a few steps away from the wall, the picture blurs and several gunshots can be heard.

The video below contains graphic content.

A video posted by HotRod (@daniggahot) on

Police Chief Greg Shur told The San Francisco Examiner the victim matched the description of a suspect who had stabbed another person in the shoulder with a kitchen knife about 45 minutes earlier. Shur noted that other video recovered from the scene by police clearly shows the man with a knife in his hand.

A police spokeswoman said the video "doesn't show the whole story" and the department planned to release a statement later.

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