San Francisco Public Park System Ranked Best In The Nation (PHOTOS)

As if San Francisco needed another trophy to add to its already impressive mantlepiece, the city's park system has been crowned the best in America among the nation's largest cities.

According to a recent survey done by The Trust for Public Land, the cities were ranked in three categories: park accessibility, park size and the the city's total area dedicated to park land, and the number of playgrounds in relation to residents and city spending.


In San Francisco, 98 percent of residents live within a ten minute walk of a park. Only Washington D.C. spends more money per capita on public greenery, at $303.45 over San Francisco's $291.61.

Despite the recent Dolores Park improvements, the Fog City did fall short when it came to the number of playgrounds per resident as well as average park size. Still, almost 18 percent of the entire city is made up of park land, a number that far outstrips the national average of 10.3 percent.

The survey comes in wake of the devastating budget cuts that have racked the California State Park system.

Check out the rest of the cities with some pretty cool parks in the slideshow below. Did your hometown make the list?