Comedian Roasts San Francisco -- And It Isn't That Far From The Truth (PHOTOS)

People sure have been tearing apart San Francisco this week, albeit some better than others.

But our personal favorite was comedian Jeffrey Ross's San Francisco Roast at the Outside Lands music festival last weekend.

While Ross' roast was refreshingly free of misogyny, homophobia and homelessness bashing, the comedian and his crew found plenty of alarmingly accurate ways to skewer the city.

"San Francisco is so diverse," said opener Moshe Kasher, looking out over the crowd. "I see all kinds of white people here."

If you're going to roast a city, you may as well do it right. Here are six reasons to hate San Francisco, according to Jeffrey Ross:

The Fog
"San Francisco should go back to its original name: sh*thole with fog."
san francisco fog

The Pretension
"You guys were overly pretentious before Portland made it cool."
blue bottle coffee

The History Of Drug Use
"Who does more drugs, your hippies or your ballplayers?"
barry bonds asterisks

The 2013 San Francisco Giants
"Oh that's right. The only hit the Giants got this year was when someone found a joint in the clubhouse."
san francisco giants strikeout

The Public Transportation
"Even the 49ers are leaving the city. They would have left a long time ago but they were waiting for a BART train."
bart san francisco

The Technorati
"Bill Gates is so rich he hired cancer to kill Steve Jobs."
steve jobs